Tantric Massage, Sensual Massage for Women

I give women Tantric sensual massages, including as much of your body as you would enjoy.

I also teach men to give massages to their partner, including sensual massage, yoni massage and sexual healing massage.

During this sensual (non-sexual) exploration of your body, I will assist you in always being aware of your breathing, ways you hold your body, your boundaries, and your desires, as I guide you towards exquisite feelings of deep fulfillment.

Sensual, relaxing massage for your enjoyment, vitality, and well-being.

Tantra includes developing a fine awareness of what you enjoy, and how you like being touched. Tantric massage also includes learning to communicate your preferences and desires, in ways that your partner would enjoy hearing. A sensual Tantric massage could be the beginning of a new relationship with your body and your sexuality, and an exquisite way to begin your Tantric education.

During your massage, you can wear whatever you feel good in. Perhaps you would like being nude, learning to appreciate your body from a Tantric perspective, opening to the beauty we can find in your body, as we begin recognizing your deep natural beauty. Or perhaps you would want to start fully clothed, and present to me those places you would enjoy being touched.

If you would like, and you have a nice tub, we could include a bath for you… I could wash you with a delicately scented and wonderfully smooth bath lotion, an exquisite relaxing way to open to sensual or erotic touch, and then massage you.

Your Tantric massage would include only as much of your body as you are comfortable with. This is non-sexual (though, as with so much of Tantra, it could easily lead to you having exquisite sex with your partner).

If you have a partner, I can guide them to give a Tantric massage to you, or a yoni massage, or Tantric couples massage, demonstrating and guiding them in the ways you would most enjoy. There is no better way to learn Tantra, or massage, than being guided in such a good way. A man learning to touch you has long-lasting benefits! You’ll enjoy the good feelings for years…

Swedish / Tantric Massage

I also offer traditional Swedish massage with chakra energy balancing. This massage will relax your muscles, improve circulation, and tends to cleans toxins from the body. When I massage I can get deeply into tense muscles to release the tension, without any pain (I believe if the muscle tenses against a massage, it is counter-productive).

I use oil that is very good for your skin, enough so you don’t feel pulling on your skin while giving me good control when applying pressure. I usually do Swedish massage with you fully draped, for warmth and so you have no attention on modesty. I un-drape the part of your body I am massaging.

Unlike many massage practitioners, I am comfortable with your sexual energy flowing, aencourage you to explore the ways of breathing, making sounds, and movement that enhance your relaxation and open your authentic self-expression.

Be nurtured, and bring a sense of peace, passion, and energy into your daily life.

Frequent massages are great preparation for opening your body and your energy, for enjoying Tantric pleasures.


I am in the Phoenix AZ area. We can meet at your place, which is convenient for you to relax after your massage, and also great for you knowing how to set up your own massage area. Or, we can meet at your hotel if you are visiting the area.

Sometimes I am available to travel outside the Phoenix Area.

Contact Me

If you might be interested, contact me and we’ll talk about what you would enjoy and if I can guide you (and your partner) in your Tantric explorations.