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Precious Tantra

Tantric Sexuality: Satisfying, Fulfilling, and Exciting Relationships for Busy, Passionate Women & Couples

What Is Tantra?

  • Blending Your Sacred and Sexual Energies
  • More Fulfilling Relationships,
  • Deeper Intimacy and Connection,
  • More Power, Creativity, and Self Expression
  • Greater Sexual Pleasure, and
  • Connecting with Spirit

What Can You Experience With Me?

  • Tantric Sexuality and Relationship Coaching
  • Explore Spiritual Sexuality
  • Expand Female Orgasm
  • Learn Female Ejaculation (How to Squirt), in Tantra "amrita" a divine nectar
  • Communicating and Intimacy With Partners
  • Sexual Healing
  • Learn how to Give and/or Receive Tantric Massage, Yoni Massage, and Sensual Massage

Phoenix, AZ area, or Tantra Coaching by Phone

What Is Tantra?

Tantra is bringing Spirit into Life:

  • Honoring people's precious nature, beauty, passion, and joy. Namaste (I honor the Divine Spirit within you)
  • Listening to your own desires, wishes, and dreams. Listening to your fears, inauthenticities, doubts, while knowing your strength. Listening to your inner wisdom.
  • Practicing increasing your radiance, shining your light into the world. (Or, for men, deepening your presence, power, passion, honor.)
  • Being present to your intimate connection to people and nature throughout all of life.
  • Generating what you are committed to, in all areas of your life.
  • Living life, being who your spirit calls you to be in the world.
  • Opening to your own and other's magnificence.
  • Leading an inspiring life: being open, present, and fulfilled even in the face of your humanity, and your circumstances.
  • Enjoying the deeply satisfying pleasure that is every woman's birth right
  • Recognizing and honoring your own power, including your light and darkness, your full range of emotions, your full self-expression.
  • Saying "Yes" to all of Life!

Many people would start learning Tantra for exotic sexual techniques such as full-body orgasms, g-spot orgasms, female ejaculation, and prostate massage, yoni massage, multiple orgasms, sexual positions. Others are looking for Tantric ways of keeping the intimacy alive in a relationship (or to restore lost intimacy), or are curious about open relationship or polyamorous relationship.

More advanced students learn to direct their powerful sexual energy for improved physical and emotional health, for accomplishing their vision and purpose in life, and for amazing spiritual depth. Traditionally, this spiritual practice was taught before any sexual techniques. In America, Tantra is one of the few spiritual paths that uses sexual energy instead of banning it, while remaining compatible with most religion's spiritual beliefs.

The natural result of ongoing Tantric practice is increased satisfaction, fulfillment, love, pleasure, power, and freedom.

Tantra enhances relationships in a very passionate, nurturing way. As you learn Tantra, you experience increased intimacy and pleasure whether alone or with a partner.

When you practice Tantric breathing and awareness, you connect powerfully with your Divine energy, and become effective expressing your vision into the world.

Tantra is a delightful, playful way of increasing intimacy, consciousness, pleasure, power, and love.

For more, read What Is Tantra?

Have Whatever You Want Sexually and Spiritually

I talk to women and couples, who want more intimacy, connection, pleasure, so they have what they want. My intention for you, and what I've learned from Tantra, can take care of whatever is between you and having what you've wanted (even if you've wanted it for years, and can't make sense of why you don't have it). We can talk by phone, or Internet chat (Skype, Yahoo Messenger voice).

Women I've talked to have:

  • Felt a deeper connection with their own deep inner wisdom
  • Communicated what they want, to their partners, so they have the love and attention that is so important to them
  • Awakened the passion in their relationship, that might have been dying
  • Felt fulfilled in their love making, often for the first time

Private Tantra Sessions for Women and Couples

I lead private Tantra Sessions, working with single women and couples. Primarily I am available in the Phoenix area, or you can get Tantra Coaching by phone, and I can travel.

I teach the principles and techniques of Tantra. Learn to touch with high consciousness. Learn to create a safe space for you and your partner to open your emotions and access powerful spiritual energies, while honoring your body and your sexuality.

You can awaken your Inner Goddess: bring out your confident, sensual, playful, and erotic nature.

You can explore and become adept at what Tantra teaches for increasing intimacy, opening communication, and deepening love. Learn Tantric awareness to achieve expanded female orgasm, high-energy states for spiritual awakening. Give each other sensual massages or yoni massages, lingam massages, and sacred Goddess Spot orgasms.

With ongoing Tantric practice, you create and realize the possibility of being authentic in your relationships and your sexuality.

As a teacher, I am confident, sensual, playful, and very attentive to emotional and physical boundaries. I am present and safe as for sexual healing.

I offer several levels of sessions, starting with fully clothed, non-erotic ways of opening your energy and expanding your communication. See my Learn Tantra and Tantric Sex pages for more.

Tantra Products

There are now many Tantra products available, including beautiful instructional videos and books, teaching the techniques and approach of Tantra. You can also get massage oils, sensual lubricants, and safer sex supplies.

A good way to begin learning is to read Tantra Articles and quotations from the leading Tantra instructors. You can bring Tantra into your life every day!

Tantra Workshops

Here are some of the San Francisco Bay Area Tantra workshops. My favorites are Celebrations of Love, Tantric Joy, and Source Tantra and the OneTaste Center.

There are Tantra workshops in other areas, both throughout the USA and in other countries.

Contact George:

Contact me (I check my email at least daily unless I am traveling)
We can arrange talking on Google Hangouts or Yahoo Messenger or Skype


May2013 - Living in Phoenix AZ, and am bringing the beauty and calming energy of the desert into my Tantra training.

22Jan2012 - When your relationship or marriage no longer has the intimacy you desire, what do you do? How do you have your relationship remain loving and satisfying? How do you keep your energy flowing, or do you shut down?

10Apr2011 - What would you like your relationship to your body to be? How would you like your sensuality and sexuality to open, as the spring renewal unfolds?

15Mar2011 - Able to help people untangle their unworkable family rules, the puzzling or mysterious reasons behind our behavior, to have more freedom and more satisfying relationships.

1Sept2010 - Working with Internet marketing for an Open Relationship coach, who brings men communication skills and how to handle jealousy (learned from people in polyamorous relationships).

15Mar2010 - Recommend "Conscious Dating: Finding the Love of Your Life in Today's World", by David Steele. Excellent look at how to choose a partner who is truly aligned with who you are and what you want in your life. Great for learning what makes relationships fail and how to prevent that happening.

George, photo © Yia Vang

photo © Yia Vang Captured Images