Massage or Gspot Dates

Do you sometimes really want to simply have an orgasm, or five?

Not fucking, not oral sex, since we’re not in a relationship (maybe we will be?), but just you getting touched gently for several orgasms, without having to reciprocate?

Like if you went and got a spa massage, but it would be okay if you got aroused, and you wouldn’t pay because this is going to be “sexual”.

Or you touch me only how you want, because you enjoy touching a man while you are being touched?

How would you feel about simply being pleasured occasionally? Ask for what you want and get it?

If you want more than touching next time, of course you can let me know. I love sex, I love so many sexual pleasures.

Who knows, you might find we like talking too.

Simply talking, getting to know each other, finding out if we’d like to play, and having a lot of fun! I don’t get together without at least talking first, and meeting for a coffee or glass of wine or simple meal. Talk on WhatsApp or Telegram @PreciousTantra or Skype