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Treat Yourself to An Exotic Massage

Treat your self to a long luxurious massage. I will give you a sensual treat, a long luxurious massage you will cherish for weeks. I can relax your muscles if there's someplace you are tense, and give you the sense of relieving all your tension. This will be for you to enjoy receiving touch.

I have excellent hands, trained by women in how they like being touched. I know secrets from Tantra (the ancient teachings passed down from India for increasing connection, intimacy, and pleasure) and I have specific erotic massage training, so you will have a totally fulfilling experience.

If you have a partner, they can watch and appreciate your beauty and pleasure, or if they would like to learn I'll guide them in massaging you, too. You might absolutely love being touched by four hands…

Non-sexual, this is a massage only. No reciprocation, this is for you.

You can start fully clothed, in lingerie, or nude, as you are comfortable.

I'll bring the massage oil. You have your favorite taste treats (chocolates? strawberries? wine?), and put on your favorite music.

I can come to your home, your hotel room, or for extra relaxation a hot tub place. Greater Phoenix area.

$175, about 1-1/2 to 2 hours teaching you and your partner to give Tantric massage. Or, I give her a sensual (non-sexual) massage. (Women, if you want more than me massaging you, sorry, unless we talk and discover we want to date and maybe include Tantric sex.)