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Who Benefits from Tantra Sessions?

You will have the most beneficial changes in your life from learning Tantra if you:

  • Are looking for ways of taking a good relationship to the next level of intimacy
  • or, You are single and are ready to have your own sexuality be full and enlivening (whether you are looking for a partner or not)
  • Are ready to merge your personal spirituality with your relationships with people, bringing your spiritual growth out into the world,
  • Sense that more awareness of people and feelings would have you work better with people, get more done with less struggle,
  • Would enjoy "juicing up" your spiritual practices

Tantra requires a certain level of emotional openness, and honesty about your feelings. It is very much a path of personal responsibility. Rather than telling you how to act, what to feel, and how you should be, Tantra tends to bring you more aware of your own inner guidance.

You will become more in tune with your body's promptings, and the connections you have with other people.

Your emotions will be indications to you of what is important, what you want to change, what you enjoy and don't enjoy.

You can be any age, from any religious or spiritual background. You do need a level of personal integrity, honesty, and willingness (or eagerness) to have an extraordinary life!

You can learn Tantric techniques to improve any form of relationship, including

  • absolute monogamy (or even total celibacy);
  • non-sexual practices with close friends;
  • deep sexual loving with a partner; or
  • erotic interactions with many people, with responsibility and appreciation, closeness, and surprising intimacy

You will be able to develop the forms of relating that work best for your preferences and how much intimacy (and responsibility!) you are ready for. Often the people who communicate with each other, bringing what they have learned from Tantra practice and awareness of connecting with each other, are the people with the most fulfilling, rewarding, and lasting relationships.

I recommend you not study Tantra with me if you:

  • Have deep emotional issues, where you are not ready yet to begin feeling and responsibly communicating. I am not a therapist.
  • Would allow fears to stop you from communicating even with someone safe and understanding. I can show you small steps to take to grow past fears. If you aren't ready, then take care of your self in small ways until you can be a partner in your personal and spiritual growth.
  • Are just looking for better sex (Instead, watch a Tantra video, learn some "wow" strokes and wonderful touches, and go have your fun. You don't need me for that.)
  • Think that sex is a sin, or inconsistent with spirituality.
  • Want to fix your partner's sexuality, teach "that jerk" how to be a good lover.

What is next for you, in relationships, communication, sexuality? How would you like your life to be, as you explore your Tantric experiences?