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Who Am I — Tantra Instructor, Improving Relationships


I'm George. I began studying Tantra in 1996, with the Source School of Tantra (Charles and Caroline Muir) and with the Center for Divine Passion (Anna Harvey and Kevin Fortune). I was initially drawn by the way people in the workshops interacted with each other, where nurturing and appreciating each other is a foundation for relationships.

I noticed that the lonely, needy feeling I had carried around with me for so long lessened dramatically even in the first weekend — Tantra addresses those feelings very directly and powerfully.

Soon I was noticing women interacting with me in a very different way. In my "need" to be loved, I had been repelling the very women I was interested in! As that hunger diminished, my other qualities could be seen.

My abilities as a healer, teacher, and coach grew, and women were encouraging me to continue learning and exploring. When the opportunity arose for me to become certified to teach, I took it, knowing that being a healer was becoming a life-path for me.

I noticed I was losing my concern about having or not having an erection, as I learned so many other ways of giving and receiving sexual pleasure. My confidence as a lover let me be more expressive and playful with women

I had kept my emotions tightly held in, since I was a young child. With Tantra's practices for guiding energy, directing energy I had in abundance to replenish energy where I was drained, I started having permission for my stong emotions, and noticed an ability to maintain my energy level. This let me take on more challenging projects at work, and I began breaking my addiction to sugar.

I found I could open myself to women's energy and wisdom, leading to my getting excellent coaching, and delightful interactions, that I would have avoided.

Tantra Certification

I was certified in December 1998 to teach Tantra to individuals and couples by the Source School of Tantra.

I've been active with the Celebrations of Love group, finding my strength and energy are quite welcomed there. I also enjoy the community activities, getting to spend time with some wonderful people in pot lucks, nature hikes, parties, dancing, etc.

Tantra is very in tune with my commitment towards healing and awakening, especially for women.

Other Interests

Massage has been a favorite activity of mine since my first massage workshops in the early 1980's. Friends have always told me I have a "wonderful touch", and that I am very intuitive and aware of energy. I've taken formal classes towards a Certified Massage Therapist, beyond using my intuition, and can teach couples ways of touching that so few people learn on their own.

In addition to Tantra and massage, I have extensive training as a business and personal coach, where I have business leaders get to the next level of effectiveness in getting projects done and having teams work well.

I am bringing my computer skills to Internet marketing for real estate investing, connecting house sellers and buyers and helping have the transaction work smoothly. I have also worked simplifying business processes and improving customer service (especially with computer help desks).

I am 49, love learning, reading, hiking, listening to classical music, ballroom and swing dancing, and playing chess.

I've lived in the Phoenix Area since 2013, before that in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1990. I love the variety of personal growth workshops, book stores, cultural events, and especially the open-minded people.

The personal growth, Tantra, massage, sexuality, and communication workshops I've done include:

Source Tantra (Charles and Caroline Muir, 1996-1999):

  • Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving (4 beginner weekends)
  • Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving (3 intermediate weekends),
  • Level 1 Instructor's Course "The Way of the Daka and Dakini". Certified December 1998

Center for Divine Passion (Anna Harvey and Kevin Fortune, 1996-2000)

  • Living in Passion, Level 1 (6 months) twice
  • Living in Passion, Level 2 (9 months) twice
  • Tantra for Men

Celebrations of Love (2000-2006)

  • Tantra, Healing, and Sacred Sexuality, October 2000
  • Tantra & Sexual Energetics
  • Tantra, Magic & the Power of Attraction
  • Full Body Ecstasy
  • Sacred Tantra Puja

OneTaste (2006-2009)

Resident in their community for almost 3 years, one of the top practitioners in Orgasmic Meditation, took most courses they offer in relationship, sexuality, communication.

Family Systems

We all have gotten entangled in the rules, crises, dramas, griefs, etc. of our families. These affect us in ways that are usually hidden, stopping us in mysterious and complex patterns of behavior. I've been trained in disentangling the source of these patterns, especially with Dana Garrison and David Scheele.

Landmark Education (2001-2008)

  • Landmark Forum, 2002.
  • Communication, Access to Power
  • Introduction Leader's Program, 2002 & 2003
  • Relationships Seminar

I have assisted producing numerous Landmark workshops, especially running audio and training others with audio, for all courses from seminars to the Introduction Leader's Program.

More University (1991-1995)

  • Basic Sensuality,
  • Advanced Sensuality,
  • Man/Woman,
  • Basic Communication
  • Advanced Communication
  • Mutual Pleasurable Stimulation of the Human Nervous System.
  • More Socratic Dialog

Mastery of Massage (Tim Moran)

1984 & 1986

Est (1980-1989)

  • Est Training
  • 6-Day Advanced Course
  • Communication Workshop
  • Numerous graduate seminars
  • Assistant's Training Program (12 courses)
  • Led teams for audio, event production, and registration at all major workshops, 1981-1989