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What is Tantra?

Tantra is an intimate art form, and a spiritual practice

Tantra teaches merging sexuality and spirituality for greater health, increased closeness and pleasure in relationships, and deeper connection with the Divine.

Tantra's attitude towards sexuality is very different from the Judeo-Christian. Our sexuality, our life force energy, is the key for bringing life into the world, both through children and through joyful productive activity in our homes and community. Sexuality is therefore considered sacred in Tantra, and Tantra is often called "sacred sexuality".

"Women or God," Mykonos said, "that’s the traditional choice for so-called spiritual men, you see. But it is a completely unnecessary choice. Women are God, sex is God, everything is God, and God is beyond everything, too."
from "Wild Nights" by David Deida

Tantra has many simple techniques and practices that have been developed to heal the shame and guilt so many of us have associated with our bodies and our sexuality. You will learn how to release the emotional imprinting we carry from negative sexual experiences.

Tantra addresses the feelings of loneliness that many people in our sex-negative culture have, nurturing our hearts and healing our relationship wounds. Practicing Tantra, we become much more available for intimacy.

Tantra teaches ways of breathing, moving, and touching that increase your life-force energy, for you to apply to all aspects of your life:

  • Learn relationship, intimacy and lovemaking skills
  • Merge your spirituality with your sexuality.
  • Sexual healing, emotional release, nurturing yourself and your partner
  • Awaken goddess energy, tap into the wisdom and healing of nature. We all can live connected to Spirit.
  • Open your intuitive nature, develop your creativity and vision for the world. Your sexual energy fueling your creativity is a powerful combination!
  • Greatly enhance your sexual pleasure, and the pleasure you give to your partner. Learn techniques and attitudes towards sex to become a world-class lover! This includes g-spot & extended orgasm skills.
  • Increase your passion about Life!

What Do People Experience Learning Tantra?

  • Deepen your trust of yourself, and how powerfully you act in the world. Increase your sense of security and overall health
  • Eliminate the 'need' to have someone else in your life to fill the emptiness in your heart, by accepting and nurturing your own emotions. Be your own best Lover.
  • Heal emotional issues with intimacy, so you are more intimate in your relationships with people.
  • Open your self expression, your ease of communicating to others your ideas and inner feelings.
  • Deepen and strengthen your connection with Spirit.
"Tantra is a teaching that harnesses pleasure, vision, and ecstasy — celebrating them rather than repressing them. Tantra stands for the view that sexual energy is a divine, all-encompassing life force that sleeps within the individual, permeates the universe, and affects everything we do from birth to death. As sexual beings, we have the ability to raise that energy within ourselves and use it to directly experience altered or mystical states of consciousness. In effect, we become 'gods' and 'goddesses', our bodies transformed into temples of male and female divinity."
by Jwala
"Tantra's goals are more exalted and broader in scope than simply accomplishing proficiency in love. The ultimate goal is Unity. Tantrikas aspire to a spiritual connection or union, to experience the individual self as part of the Indivisible All. To help them attain Unity, they employ techniques of visualization and meditation and they practice ritual sexual union and a highly developed form of communication with a partner."
from "Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving" by Charles Muir