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Sexual Healing Through Tantric Sacred Spot Massage

Sexual healing frees the energy in your body that has been stored associated with negative sexual events in your life. This energy, when freed and awakened, is available for your passion and pleasure.

Have you ever:

  • Been sexually abused or raped?
  • Had painful sex?
  • Been told your sexual energy was bad? Sinful?
  • Tolerated sexual advances you didn't want?
  • Been told you weren't sexy?
  • Been put down for being "too sexy"?

These are all experiences that your body "remembers", including being stored as tension in your pelvic floor muscles. Tantric energy practices can heal and release these experiences.

The healing can most directly take place with a caring, nurturing, attentive lover, working directly at the core of your sexual energy center, inside your yoni. This is in the region known in Tantra as your Goddess Spot or Sacred Spot.

Unlike many healing forms which involve going through "your stuff", Sacred Spot healing brings your and Spirit's energy directly to the stored experiences, flushing out the experiences with healing energy, consciousness, pleasure, and love.

Since the emotions and memories stored in your sexual center are often quite powerful, and can be scary, healing should only be done by someone you trust will stay with you, present to your emotions. Someone "there for you". A good healer knows how to keep your emotions moving, and assist you in releasing deeper.

Although I am not a sex therapist, I can work with you alone, bringing my experience as a Tantric healer and as a coach; and I can teach your partner to be your healer, and you to be his.

This healing also can open your energy and passion, for your best orgasms ever!

What if You Aren't Ready for Sacred Spot Awakening?

I can also open and free your energy without any sexual contact, connecting with your energy at your lower abdomen. I am clear enough as a healer to connect with your energy for releasing stored emotions. You can even be fully clothed. It's more important for you to feel safe, so you can experience what is happening. (You won't however, release as deeply as you would if you felt safe enough to allow your yoni to be included.)

The energies and emotions stopping you from fully opening and expressing your sexuality live in your Sacred Spot. Yet they also are expressed in other areas of your body until released. Your heart center, and self expression (throat center) are especially tied to your sexuality. Opening your energies there has great benefits throughout your life, yet is a safer way to begin healing for many women.

Sexual Healing for Couples

I can teach you how to set a healing space for each other, to be each other's healers, and help you learn the techniques. The communication skills and ways of nurturing each other apply any time one of you is emotionally feeling hurt, and will greatly increase how intimate you are with each other.

How to Begin the Next Level of Healing

Whatever is next for you, as you heal and awaken your sexual energy, for your life force to flow freely through you and awaken all your power, creativity, and love, as we talk and we work together, you'll find yourself experiencing that freedom and that aliveness expressing in your life.

You can contact me by Phone: 623-738-4632

I know talking about these topics is a challenge for so many people, and if you feel some part of you is ready, let's begin.

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