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Tantric Breathing Techniques

Nurturing Position

This is excellent for re-connecting when you've been away from each other (for example, at work), or when you've noticed you aren't connecting with each other's heart (for example, you've been arguing). It is also excellent for when you first wake up in the morning. After only a few minutes, your chakras will be connected and open.

It is very important to connect, without being sexual, at least twice a day for at least a few minutes, to keep your relationship healthy and intimate.

Which ever of you has the higher level of consciousness, or is more aware of your love, or is less tired, is the person nurturing. I'll describe the position as if you are the one leading the nurturing.

Lie on your left side, comfortably on the bed or a cushion, using pillows for your head if you prefer. Have your partner (the one receiving the nurturing) lie in front of you, also on their left, your bodies touching in the "spooning" position, your arms enveloping them. Your arm will fit easily under their neck.

Your left hand rests on their forehead or chest (sixth or fourth chakras). You can adjust the angle of your body so your hand easily reaches. If your bodies are different sizes so that doesn't work, you can hold their left hand. Your right hand rests over their body, holding their hand on their belly (third chakra).

Breathe together, you matching their breath. Quiet your mind, by noticing your breathing, inhaling and exhaling together. Send your heart energy into their back, and circulate it from their heart, into your hand, back to your heart, on each breath. As your energies connect, gradually lead your partner into slower, more full breaths. Eventually, hold the breath in a few seconds after inhaling, and hold it out a few seconds after exhaling.

Continuing to breathe fully, move your attention to their brow chakra. Breathe a few moments, sending energy into that chakra, and receiving it back through your hand. After a few moments, move your awareness to their base chakra, then upwards through the chakras you haven't yet given to.

A few minutes into the breathing, you may naturally want to switch to a reciprocal breathing, you sending energy as they inhale, you inhaling energy as they exhale. The breathing for all chakras might last about 10 minutes.

Afterwards, do some other Tantric touching or connecting. Perhaps look into each other's eyes, exchanging energy without words, noticing the light of love between you.

You will likely notice that you both have more energy, and more energy between you, than you did when you started.

Orgasmic Reflex

Lie on your back, legs bent, feet on the floor, with relaxed belly, ass and hip muscles.

Using your thigh muscles, rock your hips gently. Pressing your thigh muscles so your feet go into the ground will raise your hips; relaxing your thighs your hips will lower (curving your back slightly).

If you are relaxed in your belly and chest, your hips rocking will draw air in and out of you. You won't need to use your belly, chest, or diaphragm muscles to breathe.

Your head will move slightly from your thigh muscles contracting and relaxing, if you allow your neck and jaw to remain relaxed.

Imagine energy flowing up and down your body as you rock (experiment to find out which way energy flows easiest for you; for me, energy flows easiest down my body as my thighs contract bringing my pelvis up). Some people find it helpful to move their hands as they visualize the energy flowing.

Notice how the energy flow changes if you deliberately tense your jaw, or your neck, or your hands, or your belly, or your ass.

Once you can do the technique so it's effortless, you could try it with a partner, it's a great enhancer for intercourse.

You can see this demonstrated in "Ancient Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy" DVD (120 minute expanded version)