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Precious Tantra Session Rates


I am Phoenix, AZ and can meet you throughout the Phoenix Area. For massages, we can meet at your house, or hotel room if you are traveling, or perhaps at one of the nice hot tub rental places in the area?

Outside the Phoenix area? I can sometimes travel to you or you can visit here.

We can discuss Tantric sex, spiritual sexuality, female sexuality, lovemaking techniques, sexual intimacy, from anywhere in the world by phone, Google Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger, or Skype, and what we discuss and the beliefs and attitudes we slightly adjust and open up for you, are more important for your relationship and sexuality than meeting in person could be, so you'll find that in person or talking are both very powerful.

Please contact me to schedule. It's important that you and I discuss what you want to learn and discover in your session, and that we can schedule a time.

Note to Men

I am Male, and Straight. Do not order if you are looking for a gay encounter, or if you are looking for a woman! (Yes, I've had several men mis-understanding...) I do teach men the mindset, some techniques for raising and balancing energy, ways of relating with women, things you can do solo. If you want to learn Tantra hands-on, bring a partner.


Tantra Coaching by Phone. Discuss the entire range of Tantric practices, from deeply inspiring spiritual practices, increasing vitality, and awakening creativity, to finding a partner and awakening sexual pleasure. Couples starting to practice Tantra can avoid divorce, restoring their love and intimacy. You will learn many of the principles and distinctions of Tantra, including Tantric Massage, Female Ejaculation (squirting orgasm), prostate massage, expanding female orgasm, sexual healing, lingam massage, yoni massage, Kegel exercises, deepening relationships, intimacy and managing jealousy even in polyamorous relationships, awakening self expression, and merging your spiritual energy and sexuality. Practice what we talked about, on your own or with a partner, then next time we talk, deepen what you are learning and experiencing.
Each call is customized to address what you most want! I can call you by phone, or voice chat via Google Hangouts or Yahoo Messenger or Skype, so you have no long distance charges.
$200 per month, talk a couple times a month, as needed. No monthly commitment, though may find you'll want to keep talking with me for years, as you keep getting what you want, and then what you want next.
Tantric Sensual Massage for Women. An exploration of Tantra and your sensual feelings. Increase your awareness of your body, and what you enjoy, during this highly sensual (but not sexual) experience, massage only. Relax your muscles, enjoy the sensual delights of receiving touch. Appreciate your body, as it is, bringing awareness to the mostly unconscious judgments we tend to make. Explore the sensual pleasures available when you fully appreciate the feelings available in each touch.
Learn to communicate the specific ways you may not even have imagined your partner could best touch you, for exquisite sexual connecting for months and years to come.
If you have a partner, they can join in massaging you, and learn.
$175, about 1-1/2 to 2 hours teaching you and your partner to give Tantric massage. Or, I give her a sensual (non-sexual) massage. (Women, if you want more than me massaging you, sorry, unless we talk and discover we want to date and maybe include Tantric sex.) .
Tantra Instruction, custom designed for your interests and skill level. Contact me about what you would like to learn and experience. Can include instruction in sacred sexuality, Tantric massage, female ejaculation, goddess spot awakening, sexual healing. Best if you have this after a Tantra Coaching session. For women or couples. $225, about 2 to 2-1/2 hours
Tantra Instruction - Series of At Least 5 Sessions (I suggest several sessions for you to better absorb what you learn). Prerequisite: At least one Tantra Coaching session. This will bring new clarity, confidence, connection, and pleasure to many areas of your life, so far beyond learning sexual techniques, your relationships and even work probably will definitely improve. For women or couples. $200 each session
Tantra Instruction - Outside of the Phoenix Area (Includes as much instruction and practice as you can absorb.) $500/day, plus travel and expenses.

Tantra Date

Talk to me, and if I'm not in a relationship, and we're attracted to each other, maybe we can get together. I have lived in a communities that explore sensuality and sexual pleasure, so I'm not looking "to get laid". There are things I won't do in sessions that we could do dating (for example, intercourse). I have a strong preference for someone who lives in or comes to Phoenix, so we can easily get together often. (Of course I don't charge for dates, but you can buy me dinner.) You would have to be sensual, playful, take good care of your body, and be enthusiastic about my being an instructor and awakening women's energy... and very interested in experiencing the full range of Tantric delights. Big plus if you love dancing, cuddling, fascinating conversations, and giving me gourmet dark chocolate.

Other Ideas?

If you have ideas about other types of sessions you might want, ask me. One advantage of learning Tantra from me is we can custom-create exactly what you are interested in!

Payment Methods

I take personal checks, cash, or Paypal (if you want to pay by credit card, PayPal takes them).


I will treat you in a highly professional manner, and provide good information that you can use to further your relationships and spiritual/sexual awakening. If you choose a session including touch (for example a massage), I will be highly respectful of your body and your boundaries.

If you are not completely satisfied with how I treated you, or you are dissatisfied for any reason, let me know within two days of your session and I will promptly refund your money.

For sessions outside the Phoenix Area, travel and expenses are not refundable, and I will refund only half a day's instruction.

You can contact me by Phone: 623-738-4632

Please let me know what I can do for you, and I will get back to you soon.

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