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Tantra Session Questionaire

Here are some questions to look at, in preparation for a tantric session, or any healing of your sexuality, or awakening of your sexual energies.

What are your beliefs about sexuality and your body?

How do you like your body?

How did you learn about sex and sexuality?

What was your first sexual experience like? What was your first intercourse like?

Have you ever been sexually abused or raped? Has your sexuality been put down or criticized?

What is your love life currently? Are you in a relationship?

What would you like to improve about your sexuality and your love life?

How often do you get kissed and held? How often do you get massaged?

What would your current or last lover think about you increasing your sexual energy, your capacity for receiving pleasure, and being more expressive of your desires?

Have you had, or do you now have, any health issues with your breasts, genitals, or reproductive organs?

How aware are you of safer sex practices? Do you know how to use condoms properly? How aware are you of the transmission methods of sexually transmitted diseases, and their affects? (See my page on Safer Sex for resources).

What are your fears about improving your sexuality and your sex life?

What would you improve about how you are in relationship? What do you wish people you are interested in would be better at in relationship?

What do you enjoy most about your sexuality?

What do you enjoy most about being in relationships?

What do you wish men knew about women and sex? (or if you're a man, what do you wish women knew?)

How comfortable are you with receiving pleasure?

Have you examined any alternative lifestyles (i.e. polyamory, swinging, communal living), or sexual attitudes in other cultures? What affect did that have?

How do your religious and spiritual beliefs affect your sexuality?

Do you use your sexual energy to further your goals, health, and spiritual growth?

What feelings have you had answering these questions? What ideas?

What do you think Tantra could awaken in your life?

What is your vision for your sexuality and your being in relationship?

What else would you like to learn about Tantra or relationships or sexuality?

What else would you like me to know about you and your sexuality?