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Tantra Sessions for Couples

What would it be like to be so connected, so loving, you evoke the best in each other, while being sexual healers and extraordinary lovers?

The techniques Tantra has, and the environment of safety and nurturing I would help you establish together, provide for deep healing of old wounds and negative energies associated with your sexuality. Then, your sexuality and your connection with each other and the Divine, naturally will flourish. (Also see my Sexual Healing page).

If you notice you often aren't present in lovemaking

Some of the core practices in Tantra are for being present. Present to your emotions and feelings; present to your partner; present to your energy; present to your inner divinity.

In Tantra, the more you are able to Be with whatever is present, the quicker it disappears. You then have the energy (which you were using to keep it in place) available for intimacy or power or pleasure or growth.

I can guide you both through the specific ways where you aren't present with each other. Having someone else show you is so much easier than hearing from your partner!

For the Woman:

I can show your partner how to touch you, and be an example for how to be strong, present, loving, open, and emotionally sensitive with you. I can sense how your energy is moving, and give suggestions that will improve his awareness of your body and your sexual pleasure.

If you are both willing, and it is appropriate, I can be touching you to awaken your sexual energy and demonstrate to him how to direct your energy, which usually includes parts of your body few men ever pay attention to. I can give your partner excellent specific information about what your body likes and wants! When your desires change, I will sense that long before most men would, and can coach him for your new mood. He can see exactly how I touch you, and then immediately practice himself — the best way to learn.

For the Man:

I have excellent Tantric techniques and tips that will make your loving together much more enjoyable!

You can learn what to do to bring out the passionate, glowing woman you love. You can begin to feel the pleasure you bring her expand, and sense what she would enjoy next. You'll be able to calibrate her response to your touch, words, attitude, and adjust for the deepest pleasure and strongest love you want.

For both of you:

I can maintain the sacred space while you are learning so whatever happens is done in a healing context; with a little practice you will be able to do this for yourselves.

I can explain the techniques so you can do healing sessions on your own, and coach you afterwards toward deeper opening and healing. Or, if you want, I can guide your partner in doing a healing session for you while I am present. My being there could greatly deepen how much you both learn in the session, and your certainty that everything will go well.

I have been through many healing sessions, so many extraordinary pleasures, and can give my insight so you learn from my experience instead of only your own. This would greatly speed your healing process!

I can support you in your communication and in your staying present and loving with each other.