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Tantra Dates with George

Slow Touches, Long Pleasures

Are you curious how erotic massage and Tantric lovemaking can have you feel so good and so deeply satisfied?

I am looking for a beautiful, sensual, intelligent woman for dating, including dancing and exquisite lovemaking. I love finding the precious pleasure in subtle interactions, slow dancing, swing dancing, cuddling, massages, and of course yoni massage (aka pussy rubs).

Would you like to get together, kiss and touch and explore soon, grow closer to each other as we arouse each other? Let's set realistic expectations for a first time, the "best sex of your life" will come as we keep playing together. (The "so horny we have to fuck now" people and the "instant soul mate" seekers should find someone else.)

I want to touch your precious yoni, tease your pearl, lightly rub your goddess spot and explore all your other wonderful pleasure places. You stroke my wand when you want to, not to quickly get me off, but for us both feeling more pleasure. We'll fuck when you've already enjoyed several orgasms. (Of course, I do love fucking.)

If you are wanting to explore the range of your erotic pleasure; if you have been curious about squirting or Tantra or Orgasmic Meditation; if you are wanting more orgasms than you have had in months — we can have fun together!

I've learned amazing Tantric ways of expanding pleasure, connecting with your energy, your love, your self expression, and even your spiritual wisdom. I want orgasms that take us to God. (You've taken a Myers-Briggs Personality Test, right? INTJs are sexual experts.)

One of my favorites is long erotic massages while listening to Mozart or opera or soulful singers, so the rise and fall of the music guides my touch, each hand playing the music through you, until we feel so good our bodies flow naturally into the most exquisite lovemaking. Did you know that when your pussy is really happy, angels dance on the ceiling? (I'm a very spiritual person...)

I love Tantric Goddess Spot orgasms, maybe we'll find you enjoy them too. If you don't yet know you love squirting, I can take you there.

In bed, I can multi-task, touching and arousing more than one place at a time. That is, if you're a woman who might enjoy such things, we'll just have to find out, won't we?

Takes a while to get to know me, I'm a rare personality type, not into parties or clubs, I prefer just the two of us or a small gathering. Very easy going about what doesn't matter to me, intense about what's important. If you have a strong erotic energy you can let loose with me, if you are shy about how sexy you are, I may be too deep in thought or too deep feeling for you to get close to, even though I enjoy the most loving touches; maybe we'll just talk for a while.

On the (many) days when your mood is "just make my kitty purrrr", I would likely fondle you, or Orgasmic Meditation (soft strokes, barely moving my finger, right on the most sensitive spot on your clit), can you focus on sensations even so intensely pleasurable? Or perhaps I'd have you stroke me instead, feeling you getting hungry is good.

I am single, looking for long term relationship, or friends-with-precious-benefits. Open to couples, and have guided couples in exploring Tantra and sexual healing, and gspot orgasms; and I'm completely straight. I do love watching couples play, and like being stroked by a woman while she's being fucked. Or while you're enjoying your girl friend. If you want to explore your wild site, I have been to sex parties, can be your "chaperone" if you want, and I would prefer we build our relationship first. Or do you have other secret pleasures you want to explore?

I am not hung like a horse, so you just won't be getting what you want if that's the only thing you're into, better just go find a centaur.

Phoenix, I-17 & Northern area

What do you do for fun?

Chess, swing dance, country dance, massage, walking, being in nature. I like learning about health and fitness and increasing my flexibility and stamina (okay, that's not "fun" but I like it). There's a pool here we could relax in, but no sexual play.

Favorite local hot spots or travel destinations?

Fairly new back in Phoenix, don't have any yet, maybe you'd show me some. Until then, the hot spot is Your Place.

Favorite Sexual Experience?

Slowly stroking a woman with my fingers, inside at her goddess spot, feeling her ripple and swell, that unique precious feeling knowing she's about to squirt. Enjoyed some threesomes, woman the center of attention (I'm straight, always safe sex).

Favourite Sex Toy?

My fingers, massage oil, and "magic wand"

What is your job?

Keeping WordPress sites running smoothly, and safe from hackers. I make technical, complex, overwhelming things simple for people.

Shall We Explore?

You can contact me by Phone: 623-738-4632

Tell me, what would you love on a Tantra Date with someone like me? And what about you is so exquisite I will love getting together with you?

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