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Tantra Coaching by Phone

As you imagine for a moment, How would learning Tantra make your life better?

Have you been shy, at times, about going to a "sex workshop"? Or is there no Tantra workshop near you, that you could take? Would you be more comfortable talking about relationships and intimacy, and even sex, with someone other than the one you love? Someone more knowledgeable than the people you know?

Men or women, or as a couple, I can talk to you in such an insightful, perceptive way that you will almost certainly find our conversations are undeniably the best thing that has happened to your relationship.

Learn Tantric ways to Deepen Intimacy, Touch and Connect

Know how you can restore the communication, closeness, trust, and love in your relationship, no matter what has happened; or find ways to part as friends, without the deep conflict so many couples endure.

Explore such wonderful ways of creating a safe, fulfilling, space for you and your partner to open your emotions and awaken precious energies that enliven your body and, enrich your relationship.

Find the best ways for you to honor your body, as you explore and awaken your sexuality.

Learn how you can explore Tantra techniques, including g-spot orgasms, female ejaculation, male ejaculation control, oral sex, transforming sex into a sacrament, spiritual awakening using all your body's energies, and so much more!

Many people, perhaps you, notice they feel the nurturing and joyous intimacy of Tantra, whether alone or being with a Tantric partner, without leaving the privacy and comfort of your home.

Our conversations could be a blend of basic Tantra techniques you are most interested in, including:

  • Breathing to enhance sensual pleasure,
  • connecting with your partner's mood, so deeply connected you notice you are keeping the intimacy between you, growing,
  • Tapping into your sexual energy, to fuel personal growth and spiritual growth, and to support your goals,
  • How to touch your partner and teach your partner how to touch you,
  • The gentle arts of Polishing Your Pleasure Pearl and of Loving His Lingam (self-pleasuring skills and oral sex),
  • Knowing why men and women behave as they do in relationships, and how to have relationships be much more satisfying,
  • and some deeply satisfying erotic pleasure!

Private Tantra coaching sessions by phone (or Skype) for women or couples, teaching the principles and techniques of Tantra. As we talk, you will experience Tantra in a profound way, bringing Tantric views into almost all areas of your life that matter to you.

I say that you expanding your passion and enjoyment is very good... and being able to practice what you are learning is even better!

I am available many evenings (and sometimes daytimes) to discuss Tantra techniques and principles over the phone.

Coaching in Erotic Pleasure by Phone

You can ask all those wonderful "how to" questions you wouldn't ask most people, even in a sex education class! Explore with me your erotic fantasies and how learning sensual and sexual techniques from a Tantric perspective can make your sex life so much richer.

What if there were no risk, no chance of disease, no shame, no guilt of doing something we shouldn't, no acts your partner or future partner would get jealous about? We can talk about anything you would like to explore (including things I won't do in a session in person, such as fucking, oral sex, anal sex). Being separated adds a level of safety to explore areas of your sexuality you might not, be so comfortable in person.

You can, ask those questions you may have been wanting to ask for the longest time, but thought you might be embarassed or ashamed to ask, or even just not known to ask, and now you can. So many people find it very awkward, and yet I am safe for you to talk to, and ask those intimate, embarassing, detailed, or highly erotic questions, those questions you might not even be able to ask your best friend or love.

I am especially good at noticing your mood, your emotions, and your level of arousal. I can guide you in expressing and exploring touches that your whole body will love. You'll even be able to talk to your partner, how they can give you the pleasure you've been desiring. I often am able to expand your own knowledge of your body and ways of touching, so your own pleasuring is greatly enhanced.

If you want to enjoy your session, touching yourself as we talk, you can. I love saying the vivid, sensual, slow touches that make lovemaking a full-body delight! You could even have your best orgasms with my energy and yours combining! I have a resonant, rich baritone voice, and I am very good at expressing emotions with my voice. I am frequently told I should get into radio announcing or voice-overs. Imagine my voice caressing you...

Let's Talk!

Check in with your body, and if any part of you is curious about talking with me, Contact Me to, set up your first call with me, and to let me know what you are interested in.

Call by yourself or with a partner.