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Tantra Books, DVDs for Women

Secrets of Female Sexual Ecstasy
by Charles and Caroline Muir, with several Tantric couples.

Explicit, yet not X-rated, Tantric techniques to create more intimacy and passion. Demonstrates the mood, principles, and techniques of Tantric lovemaking, in a very tasteful, lushly filmed way. Exquisitely beautiful Maui settings, and Tantric art and music add to the excellent teaching. Includes long segments on how to give Goddess Spot (g-spot) massages, and techniques for sexual healing and awakening. (80 min)
(Also available in VHS and PAL formats from )

Dear Lover : A Woman's Guide to Enjoying Love's Deepest Bliss
by David Deida

Healing Love Through the Tao : Cultivating Female Sexual Energy
by Mantak and Maneewan Chia

After introducing the reader to some basic Taoist principles of energy and stress and spirituality, which it explains very well and in clear discourse, it launches into the main part of the book - direct application. The book is not just about sex, it is about sexual energy. First the power and different uses of sexual energy is explained, then the book goes over exercises women can do to harness the power of their latent sexual energy to vitalize their body and spirit.

Shakti Woman - Feeling Our Fire, Healing Our World
by Vicki Noble.

An inspiring and practical guide for awakening women's shamanic healing powers to heal ourselves and our planet.

Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot: Not Your Mother's Orgasm Book!
by Deborah Sundahl
Tantric Journey to Female Orgasm
by Deborah Sundahl

Includes a Tantric healing session with Jwala, one of the most beautiful demonstrations I've seen in any DVD of how the emotion and energy shifts and flows; and how a man's presence (instead of the reactions most men have) can bring about a healing space. Dr. Corynna Clarke is an excellent teacher, shows a beautiful example of Tantric lovemaking.

Discover Your Sensual Potential : A Woman's Guide to Guaranteed Satisfaction
by Barbara Keesling

The delightfully romantic exercises in this hands-on guide show how women can consistently attain sexual satisfaction and achieve greater intimacy with their partners.

Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Sex : Every Woman's Guide to Pleasure and Beyond
Dr. Sandra Scantling, et al

Beautifully written, with many stories of how women developed their sexuality to regularly have orgasms where "the earth moved"!

The Spiral Dance - A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Great Goddess,
by StarHawk, 20th Anniversary edition

"A very beautiful call for a worldly spirituality" -- New York Times Book Review

"Lucid, appealing. . . a broad philosophy of harmony with nature, of human concord, sexual liberation, creativity, and healthy pleasure, as expressed and celebrated in a freewheeling worship of the universe." -- Kirkus Review

Women of the Light- The New Sacred Prostitute

Without a continuing lineage, without a temple, the contemporary sacred prostitute is today the porn star, sex surrogate, meditation teacher, group-sex hostess, artist, masseuse, call girl, firewoman, nurse. Nine women share their work, lives, and insights, bringing us a deeper understanding of our sexuality and our humanity.

"This is a truly radical book, one that documents living women bringing together spirituality and sexuality in surprising and moving ways. It will, unquestionably, disturb those who wish to believe that spirituality can be expressed only incorporeally, but those who do find embodiment a spiritual condition will be challenged and excited by the stories in it, such as that of a nurse who helped a paraplegic man to transcend his paralysis and experience his first--and only--orgasm and later attended his death, leading him through a similar release. Others who tell their stories--a masseuse, a sex surrogate, a call girl--are, to the conventionally minded, hardly spiritual leaders, but they and the other storytellers consciously regard sexuality as metaphysical as well as physical. A possibly controversial book for some libraries, but good enough to risk a hubbub." Patricia Monaghan

The Sacred Prostitute - Eternal Aspect of the Feminine
by Nancy Qualls-Corbett

When the Goddess of Love was still honored, the sacred prostitute was virgin in the original sense of the word (one-in-herself), a person of deep integrity whose welcome for the stranger was radiant, self-confident and sensuous.  Her reason for being was to bring the goddess' love into direct contact with mankind.

The Myth of the Goddess - Evolution of an Image
by Anne Baring and Jules Cashford

Ground-breaking, rich work attempts to trace the evolution of consciousness by following humanity's changing attitudes toward female deities.