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We are a society that is crazy (both meanings) about sex!  Here are some sources of information on safer sex, and on opening different aspects of your sexuality.   Please also see my pages on Tantra Products , as well as my Relationship Books pages.

For private sessions, increasing your knowledge and skill as a lover, please see my pages on learning Tantra.

I still don’t understand how we ever got the idea that suffering was good.

You are wise to be insistent in questioning that.  The original wisdom surrounding suffering in silence has become so perverted that now many believe (and several religions actually teach) that suffering is good, and joy is bad. Therefore, you have decided that if someone has cancer, but keeps it to himself, he is a saint, whereas if someone has (to pick a dynamite topic) robust sexuality, and celebrates it openly, she is a sinner.

Boy, You did pick a dynamite topic.  And You cleverly changed the pronoun, too, from male to female. Was that to make a point?

It was to show you your prejudices. You don’t like to think of women having robust sexuality, much less celebrating it openly.

You would rather see a man dying without a whimper on the battlefield than a woman making love with a whimper in the street.

Conversations with God, by Neale Donald Walsch

Safer sex techniques can save your life, and prevent spreading other diseases that make your sex life unpleasant.  AIDS is far from the only disease being spread sexually.   There are drug-resistant strains of syphilis and gonorrhea.  Herpes is widespread.

Simple techniques can greatly reduce your risk, while still allowing you to give and receive exquisite sexual pleasure.

San Francisco Sex Information, a free information and referral switchboard
415-989-SFSI (7374), or   Includes excellent information on safer sex.

Society for Human Sexuality's Guides
Guide to Safer Sex (Lengthy)
Guide to Safer Sex (Concise)

Center for Disease Control's Guidelines for Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Disease

Fight AIDS at Home

Use your computer's unused processor power to test candidate drug's molecular shapes against a model of the AIDS virus.

CharmHealth has information on nutritional ways of improving your health, including your sex life.

Best herbs, minerals, vitamins, liquid vitamin, food supplements, sports nutrition products and beauty care products.  We carry full line of CELLFOOD, Sea Silver, USANA and Vitamin Power.

Here are some excellent books on different aspects of Sexuality:

ItemId=055337396X Fine Art of Erotic Talk : How to Entice, Excite and Enchant Your Lover With Words
by Bonnie Gabriel
ItemId=0809229897 How to Make Anyone Fall in Love With You , by Leil Lowndes
Presents a surefire guide for anyone seeking romantic bliss. How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You offers 85 techniques based on scientific studies regarding the nature of love, finding potential love partners, making an unforgettable first impression, dodging "love bloopers" and establishing sexual rapport.
Tantric Massage Video and Book Package
by Kenneth Ray Stubbs
Exquisitely presented massage and Tantric massage techniques.
(60 minute video, 111 page book)

ItemId=158542014X The Essential Tantra : A Modern Guide to Sacred Sexuality
by Kenneth Ray Stubbs, published January 2000
For the first time, Kenneth Ray Stubbs brings together the books of his beloved "Secret Garden Trilogy" — Tantric Massage, Sensual Ceremony, and Sacred Orgasms — into one complete volume. In this three-in-one book, couples will find a broad range of creative ideas.

ItemId=0874779626 EroticMassageTantricTouchErotic Massage: The Tantric Touch of Love
by Kenneth Ray Stubbs, 1999 version
This is one of *the* classic guides on erotic massage.
More than one quarter million people have bought Erotic Massage -- and the feedback has been terrific. Look at what reviewers say about it:
"Superbly illustrated ... The techniques described are simple, easy to perform ... The book is clearly illustrated and proceeds in a formal fashion to give the lay-person a truly alive experience of massage therapy." -- Massage Magazine
"The drawings are explicit yet artful; the text takes a tender, playful, yet respectful tone, and instructions are clear without sounding clinical." -- Medical Self Care
"The black and white drawings are quite explicit ... If you need a map, this is the book for you ... If you are in the market for something to spice up your sexual experience, this book will surely provide the needed information on how to effectively accomplish this feat." -- New Age Retailer

ItemId=0732256348 Illustrated Perfumed Garden - A Sensuous Paradise Where Erotic Love Grows and Blooms Sensual, sexual and erotic knowledge presented with a modern perspective and sumptuous photography.
ItemId=0806973803 Erotic Partner Massage by Christine Unseld-Baumanns.  Learn how couples can enjoy a fabulous massage, through over 250 photos, showing you exactly where to touch and what to do.   Covers full-body massage (with just a few subtle hints about going from erotic to sexual).  Mostly Swedish style, with a little accupressure, and presented to be done on a bed or mat.
ItemId=0966914902 New Sensual Massage - Learn to Give Pleasure With Your Hands by Gordon Inkeles.  Includes photos, anatomical drawings, and clear descriptions of massage strokes everyone loves!   Detailed instructions (6 pages on the back of the legs, for example).
ItemId=0892814284 Earth Honoring: The New Male Sexuality, by Robert Lawlor
"Our sense of self, society, and spirituality are inseparably linked to our sexuality. This book explores the particular role of male sexuality in the formation of these three vital areas of life. In it I [Lawlor] attempt to show how an imbalance in male sexuality is at the core of many contemporary problems... There is always a shifting, balancing and rebalancing of opposites through the natural cycles of time. I explore in this book these alternating cycles in the evolution of the dominant and submissive patterns of male and female sexuality throughout long periods of our history, as well as within our own lives. We shall be dealing with large ideas concerning human sexuality and envisioning some of the deep original causes, rather than the symptoms, of many modern-day crises."
ItemId=0062508148 Spiral Dance: A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Great Goddess, revised and updated 10th anniversary edition,
by Starhawk
"One of the key volumes on contemporary American Goddess worship... A primary work for those interested in exploring the craft." - New Directions for Women. 
"Lucid, appealing... a broad philosophy of harmony with nature, of human concord, sexual liberation, creativity, and healthy pleasure, as expressed and celebrated in a free-wheeling worship of the universe." - Kirkus Review
ItemId=0452272394 Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Sex : Every Woman's Guide to Pleasure and Beyond
Dr. Sandra Scantling, et al
Beautifully written, with many stories of how women developed their sexuality to regularly have orgasms where "the earth moved"!
ItemId=1573241555 The Heart's Wisdom : A Practical Guide to Growing Through Love
by Joyce and Barry Vissell, May 1999
"For many couples, the romantic bliss of a relationship's early stages is followed by a bumpy road. This scenario can be avoided with a different approach: living from the heart. Joyce and Barry Vissell have spent 35 years of marriage learning from their relationship. They show in this guide how to eliminate fear, how to heal blocked sexuality, how to say no to the one you love, and how every couple can learn from jealousy."
ItemId=078670540X Touching Fire : Erotic Writings by Women ", Edited by Louise Thornton, Jan Sturtevant and Amber Coverdale Sumrall. "Touching Fire is a collection of verse and story from authors as diverse as Deena Metzger, Margaret Atwood, Tess Gallagher, Zora Neale Hurston, and more... The book would still be banned in plenty of places; yet in its joy and celebration, it belongs in a picnic hamper when heading out for the trees with the one you love."
ItemId=1890159018 Ethical Slut : A Guide to Infinite Sexual Possibilities
by Dossie Easton, Catherine A. Liszt
Therapist Dossie Easton and sex educator/author Catherine A. Liszt provide a road map for exploring the sometimes difficult, often rewarding territory of non-traditional relationships. Warm, informative details about how to get your needs met, manage your jealousy, make agreements that work for all concerned, talk to your friends and relatives, and build a life full of all the sex and love you want.
ItemId=0965071669 Threesome : How to Fulfill Your Favorite Fantasy
by Lori Gammon, Bill Strong
For those who fantasize about the erotic delights of a menage a trois ..., Lori Gammon welcomes you into her uninhibited world. With five years of research and her own intimate adventures as a guide, Lori explains bisexual women and what they want. Then she lays out a carefully-crafted plan that allows men and women, married or single, to explore sensual pleasures most cannot imagine. She teaches women how to arrange and enjoy any combination of attractive men and willing women. Girlfriends discover how to seduce each other without fear of embarrassment or rejection. Men are taught to delicately and sensitively fan their lover's secret passions and lead their wives onto new frontiers.

Lori explains why shy women can't openly admit they want a threesome; she then reveals magic techniques that open a floodgate of eager feminine desire.

ItemId=0061008559 Generation Sex : America's Hottest Sex Therapist Answers the Hottest Questions About Sex and ItemId=0028610873 Complete Idiot's Guide to a Healthy Relationship, by Dr. Judy Kuriansky
ItemId=0316051535 Prostate Cancer Protection Program: The Foods, Supplements, and Drugs that Could Save Your Life
by Dr. Bob Arnot
More people are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year than any other cancer. NBC's Dr. Bob Arnot created the nutrition-based "Prostate Cancer Protection Plan" for all men--those who've been diagnosed with cancer, and those with normal or rising PSA test results--with empowering facts for staying healthy.

Links on sexuality:

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