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Tantra and Sacred Sexuality for Spiritual Awakening

Tantra as a Path to God

Bringing God into your Tantra practices, transform your lovemaking into a Sacrament

Tantra Goddess: A Memoir of Sexual Awakening, by Caroline Muir. Unquestionably one of the best Tantra teachers in the world, with decades of experience. She's inspired and guided thousands of women. I recommend her to any women who are interested in having more satisfying, fulfilling, and nurturing sexual lives. Her website is
Jewel in the Lotus : The Tantric Path to Higher Consciousness : A Complete and Systematic Course in Tantric Kriya Yoga
by Sunyata Saraswati, Bodhi Avinasha

Detailed instructions to generate and conserve sexual energy, to heal and rejuvenate yourself and awaken higher consciousness; exchange that energy with your partner for longer, more intense orgasm; and ride the wave of orgasmic energy into mystical union with God.

Finding God Through Sex: A Spiritual Guide to Ecstatic Loving and Deep Passion for Men and Women
by David Deida
Naked Buddhism: 39 Ways to Free Your Heart and Awaken to Now,
by David Deida

Naked Buddhism presents the bare essence of deep Buddhist insight into the now of empty luminosity without the cultural "garments" of traditional Buddhist religion. Hailed as among the most original contributions to contemporary spiritual practice, Naked Buddhism points directly to the core insight that lives each moment as a magical display arising in empty perfection.

Expanded anniversary version of CWG Book 3:

Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialog
by Neale Donald Walsch

The Conversation with God books include insightful discourse on about sexuality, the crazy beliefs we have about "what God wants", living well, serving people, sexuality, children, work... on orienting your life towards "your Highest Thought, your Clearest Word, your Grandest Feeling... The Highest Thought is always that thought which contains joy. The Clearest Words are those words which contain truth. The Grandest Feeling is that feeling which you call love."

The discussions on sexuality and relationships are especially appropriate for Tantric students.


Conversations with God: The New Revelations

Our society and problems are shaped by our views and beliefs about God: what we believe God expects us to do, what we believe God wants of us. This highly provocative book examines the beliefs we have as human beings (independent of which religion we identify with) that lead to the crises we face. There are specific suggestions of ways to expand our understanding of our beliefs, including our religious beliefs, to empower us in what we say we are committed to realizing.

What if we could evolve our beliefs, expand our understanding of our beliefs (of God, of ourselves, of how God expects us to behave), and expanding could happen without our having to make our old beliefs wrong, or the people who taught us wrong; without having to invalidate what works about our beliefs?

Neale Donald Walsch on Relationships: Applications for Living series
The Marriage of Sex And Spirit: Relationships at the Heart of Conscious Evolution
In The Marriage of Sex and Spirit, thirty-five of the most provocative and fresh voices of our generation give us the keys to transforming relationships from a source of grief and bondage to a celebration of self and other. Drawing together the most powerful wisdom of spiritual teachers, psychiatrists, anthropologists, educators, therapists, coaches, writers, artists, this groundbreaking anthology presents the visions and ideas that form the gateway to transforming both spirituality and sexuality. This powerful collection of practical techniques and breakthrough insights offers the potential to utterly transform your experience of relationships into a source of joy, inspiration and fuel for your spiritual and emotional journey.

Art of Sexual Magic: Cultivating Sexual Energy to Transform Your Life
by: Margo Anand
An advanced course in erotic enchantment and the magic of extended orgasm from the best-selling author of The Art of Sexual Ecstasy. The Art of Sexual Magic takes the power of sexuality beyond mere lovemaking by showing readers how to generate and focus intense sexual energy and to use it as fuel for realizing personal and spiritual goals. Illustrated throughout with line drawings.

Sexual Secrets: The Alchemy of Ecstasy, 20th Anniversary
by Nik Douglas (December 1999)
Love Sex and Magick: Exploring the Spiritual Union Between Male and Female
by Sirona Knight, March 1999

A concise guide for those couples ready to explore ways to reach new levels of intimacy and awareness in their relationships. Sirona provides clearly described exercises for partners to try at home, complete with appendixes of information and recipes you can use right away. Take a cue from the author to discover how to evolve your relationship from sensuous to sensitive to spiritual. Once you realize how the energy of your personal space sets the stage for your intimate relationships, you move on to merging your energies through the chakras. If you are ready to form a committed relationship, there is an example of a ritual presented from her Druid tradition. You really do discover how the power of two people joined together can become much more in all aspects of life. If this sounds complicated, it's not. The beginnings of deepening your relationship can be as simple as a deep breathing or visualization exercise. Sirona shows how the teachings of Hindus, Taoists and the Druids all share common elements and perspectives that serve to support enhanced intimacy through heightened energy awareness and activation.

Meditations on Tantra
by: Osho
The tradition of Tantra or Tantric Buddhism has existed in India from as early as the fifth century. The message of Tantra endorses Osho's perspective: that only through total acceptance of ourselves can we grow. In Osho's understanding, Tantra is one of the greatest of man's visions, a religion which respects rather than destroys individuality, and is an extraordinary method of expanding inner consciousness. 2 cassettes.
Chakra Breathing Meditation
Energize your chakras and release blocks that keep your energy from moving with a favorite of Osho's meditations. There's different music and rhythms for each chakra, repeated three times. After such a energetic workout, you'll find you'll find your inner flute much cleaner. Try making love afterwards...

Nadabrahma Meditation
Dynamic Meditation

Chakra Sounds Meditation
Each chakra is an energy vortex vibrating at a different frequency. This meditation of Osho's guides you to making a different sound for each chakra, toning and opening your energy channels. Also repeated three times.

Kundalini Meditation
With Osho's most active mediation, you release the Kundalini energy at the base of your spine through shaking, dancing, and heightening your awareness of your physical sensations.

Available through the publisher, New Earth Records, from these links or at 800-570-4074. More details available at Osho's site.