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Preparing for a Tantra Session

Here are some suggestions for arriving at a session:

What to bring:

Comfortable clothes you can move around and sit comfortably in.

If you are having a massage, bring clothes or lingerie that make You feel sexy and great, not that you think I might like. Something so you can undress gradually or remain partially covered if you want to.

Something of spiritual or relationship importance to you, or that represents a goal or vision of yours. Plan on being in a special energy, that we can use to charge that vision up!

Your courage, and your heart, in whatever mood you are in. I don't require that you be feeling any particular way, and certainly don't expect you to be in a "mood" to make me happy. If you are feeling in a down mood, or are emotional, or scared, or if you have "negative" emotions come up, please bring them with you. I can teach how to transmute that energy into something very rich and rewarding.


Write down questions you have, so you won't worry about forgetting them. Then, ask me!

Please do something nice for yourself during the day before the session. If possible, do it early in the day. It will make a huge difference in your sense of deserving your pleasure and/or healing during the session.

If you feel mildly sick or anything else with your body where you'd "just rather stay home", I won't mind, please come anyway. You and I can make you feel better quicker than you being alone. It could be that everything that happens before a session is part of your reason for meeting with me... (and of course, if you need medical attention, go to your doctor. I'm not able to provide that!)