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Personal Growth

Landmark Education offers the premier personal growth and transformational workshops on creating new possibilities and generating actions that bring them into reality.  You produce breakthrough results in the areas of life that are important to you, including:

  • Effectiveness in relating to others
  • Personal productivity
  • Confidence
  • Making the right choices & pursuing what is important to you
  • Living life fully and living a life you love

I have taken several workshops, going from being extremely withheld and awkward with people, to being bold, passionate, at ease, powerful, effective, and intimate.

Massage, Shiatsu, breathwork and other healing arts

Clarifying your Values and setting Goals for all aspects of your life

Improving your Communication skills, at work, in relationships, with children.

Resources for finding your perfect partner, and Tantric dating skills.

There are recent advances in how we learn and remember, using our movement, sound, emotions, colors, creativity — much better than dull rote memory!

Sources of great art, natural beauty.  (See also my San Francisco pages)

Health and Fitness are so important for living a great life!

Some of the most fun and informative science links

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