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Tantra Teachers Outside the Bay Area

Source Tantra: Charles and Caroline Muir Source School of Tantra, Charles and Caroline Muir
Post Office Box 69, Paia, Maui, HI 96779
Call (808) 572-8364 Maui, or check their site for local coordinators

Offer courses on "The Art of Conscious Loving". Widely regarded as the best Tantra instructors in the USA.Training program for Certified Tantric Educators™.

Secrets of Female Sexual EcstacyThey are featured in "Secrets of Female Sexual Ecstasy" and their book "The Art of Conscious Loving" is extremely well done. Both are excellent introductions to Tantra for those who can not attend a workshop yet.

Weekend or weeklong seminars in Maui, a Mexican resort, Bali, the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Boulder.

Tantric Joy — Ipsalu Tantra with Jan Robinson

Jan Robinson is a Certified Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga Instructor, Certified Tantric Educator™, and Founder of Bay Area Ipsalu Tantra and an experienced Sexual Intimacy Coach. Honoring the physical body as a gateway to the Divine, Jan assists others to integrate love, consciousness, and sexuality into the wholeness of their being. Above all, Jan joyfully holds space for all to awaken to their Divine Magnificence!

Goddess Temple

The Goddess Temple offers private instruction and training in Tantra and sexuality, sexual healing, and being an excellent lover.

The Goddess Unveiled has pictures and videos of Goddess Temple instructors showing many aspects of Tantra education.

I have studied with and/or been taught by Mare, Corynna, and Anthea (Los Angeles area), Tara (New York) and Malia, and Susanna (San Francisco area). I have studied with these men: Michael, Gino, William, and Rainbowheart. — Sacred Sexuality and Conscious Living has the main list of Tantra workshops available throughout the USA and the rest of the world. Also large selection of Tantra books, videos, and sensual products.
David Deida Seminars include Woman's Love, Man's Freedom:"Men and women both feel this need for more than they are getting in their lives. Men want to feel more release, more freedom, more relief from burdens. Women want to feel more fulfillment, more love, a deeper joy in their body and heart. Although seeking through different routes, men and women actually want the same naked intensity of perfect bliss, which is their own true nature. They want to enjoy the absolute fullness of life pervaded by the absolute openness of consciousness...
Tantra New York I studied with Carla. Become a more conscious and fabulous lover! Private sessions and workshops.
Tantra Mark Michaels and Patricia Johnson. I studied with Mark. They offer group and private instruction for those who are serious about Tantra as a spiritual path.
Sacred Sex Yes! , MikelMan and ShaktiJoy. Playful, loving Certified Tantra Educators in a gorgeous location near Boulder, Colorado. I studied with them.
The Loving Center Offers "Tantric Loving, an education in the art and practice of conscious loving. Conscious loving is a way of being with another that recognizes the sacredness of sexuality, heals wounds, and brings you and your partner to new awareness and ecstatic states. It is a new possibility of profound intimacy and connection, and the freedom to be and fully express your love for another."
Oceanic Tantra , Kutira and Raphael
Blending the movement and sound of dolphins and whales, their own music, yoga, meditation, breath work, massage, sexual healing, loving rituals, dance, theater, alchemy-mandalas, powerful visualizations and positive ceremonial magic practices and more. Email:

Kahua Records Their own record company. Excellent music for exploring Tantra, love, relaxation, meditation.

Sacred Space Institute -- Love Without Limits, workshops and books on successfully living a polyamorous lifestyle. Book list