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Learn Tantra and Tantric Sex

Learn Tantric principles and lovemaking techniques, for women and couples.

  • How Tantric ideas and techniques benefit relationships and increase your energy and passion for life.
  • Integrating your spiritual and sexual energies for rapid personal and spiritual growth.
  • Relationship coaching and communication skills to vastly increase what options are available to you for having your relationship and sex life be satisfying and so fulfilling for you.
  • Emotional Safety where you learn the principles of Tantra and begin practicing the exercises that open your body to deeper intimacy and spiritual growth.
  • Tantric Sensual Massage, and breathwork where you get to experience the benefits of Tantra. Awaken your capacity to receive, and feel more fully. Begin learning how to communicate what your body enjoys. Your ability to receive pleasure naturally increases.
  • Sexual healing to clear out negative attitudes, beliefs and experiences that almost everyone has picked up about sexuality, and begin the process of awakening your sexual potential, in yourself and for all of your relationships.

Attention to Boundaries

I consider consciousness about your boundaries to be extremely important, so it is safe enough to learn and experience.

I will talk with you to find out what you are comfortable learning before we begin having sessions together. See my healing questionnaire, questions about your sexual history and interests.

Learning Tantra by Phone

If we can't meet, you can learn many of Tantra's skills, ways of communicating, what works for fulfilling relationships, through Tantra Coaching by Phone. We can discuss issues with sexuality and relationship, using insights from my Tantric training.

Here are some of the topics you can learn and explore:

Lovemaking as a spiritual practice In Tantra, spiritual growth can begin as simply as inviting God/Goddess/Divine Energy to join you in your Love making. Has a profound effect on how we interact with a partner, and how we view ourselves as sexual beings.
Honoring your Divine Sexuality Sexual energy is Life Force energy. Tantric practices bring you back to recognizing the precious nature of your life, including your sexuality. As you honor your sexuality, you will become more Alive!
Fulfilling Relationships Has part of you ever wondered how to have the intimacy or depth or connection, you know is available in relationships? You can learn to bring into your relationship, what people have learned, that works so beautifully, from Tantra, that will work with your lifestyle and with your preferences.
Jealousy How do you deal with jealousy? What keeps relationships alive? How do you restore intimacy and connection? What works for monogamy? What can you learn from people who have polyamorous relationships work?
Sensual massage Pure bliss! An important part of every lover's talents. So many Americans have "lost the Art" of touching. Tantra includes such treats as sensual breast massage so her loving energy is even more available (and who knows, nurturing attention there might reduce her risk of breast, lung, and heart diseases, since the health benefits of massage are so clear). Sometimes I think the best thing I teach men is "what slow means to her", and how to touch, and how to feel as they touch.
Tantric Sensual Massage Take sensual massage with a lover to the next level! Techniques for massaging the most sensitive parts of their body... and having the massage awaken the power, self expression, and creativity available to you. As you combine massage strokes with chakra awareness, you can bring your partner to spiritual as well as erotic heights.
Breathing A foundation of Tantra. Use your full breaths to increase your health and life energies.

"In order to move to a new level of sexuality, you can retrain your nervous system. You can learn to relax your old tendencies of habitually building up and then releasing sexual tension. You can learn to use your breath to circulate unimpeded energy throughout your whole body and through every shade of your emotional spectrum all day. You can practice relaxing into the bliss of your deep being and then expressing it as love through the openness of your body."

--From "The Way of the Superior Lover," a book by David Deida

Kissing One of the most basic, and most intimate, forms of Tantric play. Simple techniques will immensely improve your kissing abilities!
Boundaries Communicating what you are comfortable with, so you can stay connected with your partner. There are ways of stating your boundaries that increase intimacy. When your boundaries are known and honored, your desire can come forth.
Nurturing your partner Ah, the joys of an open-hearted man, and an appreciated woman!
Shielding Protect yourself from the negative energies of other people, while keeping your energy open and flowing. Also good to not be broadcasting your sexy energy to people unintentionally.
Chakra Balancing The seven main energy centers in your body. I cover how to awaken and balance the chakras, and how you can open your partner to more intimacy, including sexual intimacy and the emotional connection you desire. \With breathing, yoga, and touching techniques you will notice you have more balance and harmony in your life, and more power in the world.
Beginning Yoga Using stretches and postures to prepare your body for high-voltage pleasure! (Oh, yes, it's also very healthy)
Harmonizing energies How do you keep your relationship intimate, when you are both at work and doing different things during the day? How do you return to intimacy after you've argued?
Pleasuring a man Techniques from Tantra for the best orgasms he's ever had. (I teach using a dildo, for obvious reasons!) Penis enlargement, prostate massage (male g-spot), lingam massage, ass massage. Can also learn how to help your man with delayed ejaculation and sexual intimacy.
Pleasuring a woman Your turn! The deepest, most satisfying orgasms most women have ever had. Learn g-spot orgasms, yoni massage, how to awaken the Goddess spot, female ejaculation (squirting orgasms), and full-body orgasms.
Safer sex techniques These can save your life. Learn easy ways to be quite safe while having exquisite pleasure.
Female Sacred Spot healing One of the most healing forms of massage, awakening the 2nd chakra and clearing out negative experiences. Once awakened, the Sacred Spot (Goddess Spot) massage can bring out Amrita, the Divine Nectar (female ejaculate)... for many women, their deepest form of pleasure! Tantra goes beyond "female ejaculation" to an amazing way of merging your spiritual connection, you sexual power, and your love.
Male Sacred Spot healing If you are a woman and want your partner to be more open, balanced, emotionally strong, available, and happy, then learning these techniques will make a huge difference!
Lovemaking Positions, and Tantric Sex Positions We all love these! Beyond the fun of trying out new positions, such as Yab Yum, as you learn Tantra you will begin to use different positions to access and transmit different energies, exchanging them with your partner, for growth, intimacy, power.