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Learn Female Ejaculation, G-Spot Orgasms

More and more women have begun tapping into their natural ability to ejaculate, or squirt, during sexual stimulation. Many women feel even deeper, more powerful, better orgasms than they have ever experienced during intercourse or from having their clit stimulated.

What is Female Ejaculation?

In Tantra and other erotic paths, this fluid, known in Tantra as "Amrita" (translates in English as "divine nectar") is seen as having powerful healing and awakening qualities, and his highly revered. This fluid is experienced by Tantric sex practitioners as being full of life force energy. Sometimes a woman may have a very wet yoni, other times a gushing orgasm that saturates a couple of folded bath towels, and many women can squeeze their muscles to have a fluid squirting from her, amrita flowing several feet.

Is Female Ejaculation just Peeing?

Unfortunately, many Western men and women, who haven't been taught about female ejaculation, believe she has peed, and so women have shut down their sexual expression to avoid being embarassed and ashamed. Just because it comes out a woman's urethra (where she pees from), doesn't mean the fluid is urine, any more than a man's ejaculation is urine. Amrita doesn't stain sheets, doesn't have that "ewww" smell an hour later, is so salty germs don't grow well in it. Amrita has been chemically tested, and is similar in composition to what a man's prostate secretes.

If a doctor says "it's urine", collect a sample, have him analyze it, and then you'll know. Whether it is or isn't, it certainly isn't just "she's incontinent" or "she pissed the bed". When is the last time you know of that a guy peed while orgasming?

Can All Women Ejaculate?

Yes, it seems all women are capable of ejaculating, and yet whether you will or not is unknown. It is intimate, powerful, and often emotions get awakened as this high-intensity energy flows (before or during fluid flowing). There is often a lot of trust needed in your partner, that they won't be embarassed, or critical ("she peed!"), and they can stay present to the emotions and energy. Since so many people are not able to stay present to a woman's emotions, since so many people feel they need to change or avoid emotions; well, that would have a woman back away from the full expression of her sexual power and the full range of her emotions.

When a woman learns to feel deeply inside the pleasure available to her from this vaginal massage that brings out the Tantric goddess, and the sexual healing and awakening that so often accompanies g-spot orgasms, her sense of power expands as her orgasm expands.

Goddess Spot Awakening

Tap into your body's energy, and open yourself to receiving the deep sensual pleasure that is your nature. Every woman has the capacity for a rich, nurturing, and deeply energizing sensual life. In this intimate, fulfilling massage, you will experience the fullness of your sensual beauty, and feel the connection between your body and your spirit.

You will have the opportunity as we get together, to explore where your goddess spot is, so you can guide a partner in where and how to stroke your g-spot, and exercises you can to more powerfully ejaculate (Kegel exercises), strengthening your PC muscles (the pubococcygeus muscle, mostly used to stop peeing), and you can learn to feel and increase the sensations available in this special female orgasm, as you ejaculate.

G-Spot Orgasm and Sex Magic

One way Tantric sex is used for spiritual growth and healing is to build both partner's sexual energy very high, awakening all other chakra energy in each other, deliberately having the energy flow through both of you, higher and higher intensity, and guiding all that energy, in a form of sex magic, to their intention. It takes energy to create; female sexuality when fully awakened in Tantric sex can build that much energy.

Yoni Massage and Female Ejaculation

I have training and deep experience as a sexual healer. I will completely honor your boundaries and preferences, and hold a safe space for the expression of your inner passion, even if there are strong emotions released as your energy flows more. You are free to feel as deeply as you can open, and ask for what you want. (However there are limits to what I can do, no sex involved).

Gain a new appreciation of your range of sensual experience, some Tantra techniques for enhancing connection and pleasure that you can explore with partners, and newfound skill in asking for your desire… and having your desires fulfilled.

Learning at your place (or hotel if you're traveling to the area) is preferred so you can relax and enjoy the afterglow. Or, you can learn at my place. If you have a partner, that's even better, since you will be able to practice together and enjoy so many more times. They are totally welcome to observe and learn, and practice with me there.

You can contact me by Phone: 623-738-4632

Let's talk about what you want to experience, and find out if our getting together will get you what you want.

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