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Introduction to Tantric Massage, for Women

Tantric Massage for Opening Your Energy

Safe and gentle massage to open all your energies, including your sexual energy. This can be a fully-clothed massage, as a delightful way to begin feeling how Tantric awareness and touch can open your sexuality and your self expression as a woman.

Women in our culture are commonly told very frequently to shut down their sexuality. The gentler forms include being told to sit still, to be quiet, to not dress provocatively, to be a "good girl", to not let men take advantage of you, to stay the "right" weight, to not be "too forward". These become, in almost all women, a protective tension in many muscles, holding you from doing anything "wrong", keeping you safe.

What's It Like?

I gently awaken your energy and relax those tight muscles, through a combination of simple Swedish and Tantric massage techniques, including chakra balancing and giving emotionally nurturing energy. I believe that your energy likes to flow, and that given a safe space and appreciative mood, it flows quite naturally.

Primarily I touch at your sexual, heart, and expressive energy centers (your lower back, hips, neck and shoulders), and balance the energies flowing between these centers. As you bring your consciousness and awareness to those places where you'd been holding tight, you can see that this automatic protecting is likely no longer required.

You may have emotions release as you open up from the touching and the energy flowing gently through you. I will invite you to allow your emotions to also easily flow through you. If you prefer, I can hold you, or you may be very receptive to positive affirmations. This is an excellent time for you to visualize how you will express the energy you no longer are putting into old tensions.

This will be a wonderful Tantric massage for you and, a treat for your body and spirit.

Tantric Sensual Massage for Women $175, about 1-1/2 to 2 hours teaching you and your partner to give Tantric massage. Or, I give her a sensual (non-sexual) massage. (Women, if you want more than me massaging you, sorry, unless we talk and discover we want to date and maybe include Tantric sex.)

Please contact me with any questions you might have, and to arrange for your massage.