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Emotional Safety in My Tantra Sessions

Learning to create emotional safety is vital for expanding your sexual self-expression, and for sexual healing. In practicing Tantra, you can learn to create a safe and sacred space together, for each other's growth, healing, and awakening.

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You can read books like the Art of Sexual Ecstasy to find some wonderful ways to set up a safe environment, and some beautiful rituals for healing and awakening. The intention of your connecting, whether in a ritual or in your connecting and touching, is to honor each other's emotions, feelings, energy; and to hold an intention for healing and awakening. Your intention is powerful. Perhaps you imagine a "healing bubble" surrounding you, filled with divine energy; or perhaps you invite angels into the room and devote this time together to deepening your love; or perhaps one of you invoke your healing powers and presence so awakening occurs in this special time.

If you want, I can quide you through this. The sessions I offer are rich, intriguing, thought-provoking... and very nurturing. It's very helpful, especially if you know that both of you have things you want to heal, and setting aside your "stuff" for a little while to be a healer for your partner might be a challenge at first, to have someone else hold the intention and space for you.

If you are thinking about having a session with me, good! And, here's some things to notice how you feel, as you explore something that, while there will be things that are new, you want to be safe enough you can learn and open.

Emotional Safety in Tantric Lovemaking

Part of making Tantra emotionally safe and allowing you to learn and grow in such an intimate area as your sexuality is making sure you keep aware of and honor your boundaries. I consider it very important that you honor what your body tells you about what is right for you, both with me and with your partners. (You can learn more about increasing intimacy with boundaries, definitely an idea few bring into their relationship).

Notice the reactions in your body as you go through these questions! Being clearer about your boundaries allows you to be more intimate, more able to stay present with your partner. There's a wonderful edge, where you are present and excited, and just a little bit further you'd find yourself checking out — stay where you are able to feel.

So you can arrange a session with me that gives you what you want to learn without being more than you can enjoyably handle, please let me know what boundaries you have. Throughout your session, your boundaries can change, sometimes less open or daring, then other times more open or daring, so please keep communicating as they do.

Session Questionnaire: You might want to think about these questions before having a session, and especially from when you arrange to have your session and when you actually meet with me.

Preparation for a Session: some suggestions on how to best prepare for having a session with me.