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Bay Area Tantra Workshops

These are Tantra groups either based in the San Francisco Bay Area, or who present workshops in the Bay Area regularly. (See the Other Locations page for groups that may periodically hold workshops here).

I have done several workshops with Source Tantra, Celebrations of Love, OneTaste, and the Center for Divine Passion, and recommend them very highly.

Source Tantra: Charles and Caroline MuirSource School of Tantra, Charles and Caroline Muir. Call (808) 572-8364 Maui, or (408) 457-4682 Santa Cruz. Email

Offer courses on "The Art of Conscious Loving". Widely regarded as the premier Tantra instructors in the USA.

Their book "The Art of Conscious Loving" and video "Secrets of Female Sexual Ecstasy" are exquisitely done, excellent introductions to Tantra for those who can not attend a workshop yet.

Weekend or weeklong seminars in several locations including Maui, a Mexican resort, Bali, the Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Boulder.

Watch for the Reality Movie "The Best Ever" [2002], produced by Charles Muir.

Check their web site for a list of Certified Tantric Educators they have trained, for teachers in your area.

Celebrations of Love Offers frequent Tantric events in the San Francisco area, including Tantra workshops, massage, sexual energetics, sensual dance, Non-Violent Communication, AquaTantra, nature hikes, pot lucks. The largest and most active ongoing Tantra group in the Bay Area, with many teachers in their wide range of Tantra-related classes. Most classes are for both couples and singles.
Jan Robinson, Berkeley, CA is certified with Ipsalu Tantra and Source School of Tantra. Jan's workshops are great for beginning a Tantric practice that is integrated into your every day life, and a lot of fun. She emphasizes simple practices that will bring your energy higher and increase your awareness, so you feel more alive and have a deeper connection with people.
OneTaste has beginner classes teaching relationship, communication, sexuality. The core people live together, practicing staying connected emotionally through all the activities and moods and challenges people experience through life. Their orgasmic meditation is a great way to keep your sexual energy awake, balanced, even through a very busy week like most people have.
More Love Seminars, Leah. She is the Primary Female Facilitator for Source School of Tantra Yoga® and has been teaching seminars with Charles Muir since 2004.
Jule MacGregor, San Francisco. 415.673.1620 Jule is a Level 3 Certified Tantric Educator since 2002, certified by the Muir's (Source School of Tantra) to teach. She also has her own line of specialized ergonomic cushions for use with Tantra.
Goddess Flowing, Marta Lucia, Certified Tantric Educator. Certified by Source School of Tantra to teach. Workshops and private sessions in the Bay Area. See her on in the Goddess Temple.

She has an exquisite Tantric Goddess Worship Video on G-spot massage and female ejaculation.

Diane ~ One of the best teachers anywhere, taught several workshops with Charles Muir that I attended, an extraordinary healer and guide.

Sacred Fire Tantra. Teri Jo received spontaneous initiation into Tantric awareness early in life. This innate understanding of her vibrant life forces led Teri Jo to extensively study and practice metaphysics, yoga, massage, energetic healing, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong. A trained therapist, for over ten years Teri Jo has facilitated transformational workshops and study groups with a focus on personal growth, spirituality, relationship issues, and interpersonal communication. Individuals and couples seeking greater sensual expression and fulfillment will experience sessions with Teri Jo as a catalyst to move into the next level of blissful mind/body evolution. Through sensual massage, movement, breath work, and experiential teaching conducted in sacred space, you will unleash the inner radiance that is your birthright.

For information on upcoming workshops and other events, or to learn about creating a workshop in your area, contact:

Goddess Temple

The Goddess Temple offers private instruction and training in Tantra and sexuality, sexual healing, and being an excellent lover.

The Goddess Unveiled has pictures and videos of Goddess Temple instructors showing many aspects of Tantra education.

I have studied with and/or been taught by Mare, Corynna, and Anthea (Los Angeles area), Tara (New York) and Malia, Jule, and Susanna (San Francisco area). I have studied with these men: Michael, Gino, William, and Rainbowheart.

The School of Womyn's Mysteries, Shoshana Aurasia. Private sessions for men and women on Tantra, sexual expansion, healing, massage. San Rafael

Love Journey The Healing Path of Tantra for Women with Evalena Rose, shaping a compassionate community of women. Offers gatherings, pujas, workshops, and ongoing series of classes for women.

Tantra Dance Christina Sophia and William Florian, Sebastopol CA. Art of sacred-erotic dance/ritual, tantric healing sessions, coaching for couples, workshops and retreats all intended to heal, nurture and transform our relationship with our bodies, the earth and each other.

Hana Malia, San Francisco & Hawaii, (415) 522-1052

Malia is a Certified Tantric Educator with the Source School of Tantra Yoga (Charles and Caroline Muir). She has been involved with the Temple of the Goddess since 1997. Hana Malia incorporates her background in somatic studies and dance with Tantra as a holistic path for personal growth.

These groups are based in or have workshops frequently in the Bay Area, but I have not done any of their courses:

SkyDancing Tantra, Margot Anand. One of the best-known and most published Tantra teachers in the world.

Eternal Tantra, Marilyn King and Stephen Clark
Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies within the archetypes of Sensual Lovers, Warrior/Amazon, King/Queen, and Magician/Crone.


The Human Awareness Institute
Highly regarded relationship and communication workshops, with occasional Tantra workshops.
Sacred Space Institute Love Without Limits, Deborah Anapol.
Workshops on Tantra and Polyamory.
The Body Electric, a school of the healing arts committed to helping people experience their potential as healers of self and others through touch, conscious breath, and honoring the wisdom of the body. Body Electric is committed to exploring the healing potential of erotic energy and recognizes the body's wisdom as ancient, sacred, playful, and profound. All sexual orientations are celebrated and all spiritual paths are honored.
Tantra the Path of Ecstasy, True Fellows.
Call 650-323-4227 or email
Learn Tantric loving sexual arts, sacred sex, extending pleasure, full body orgasms, increasing energy, ecstasy, and playfulness, controlling ejaculation, emotional release techniques, sexual healing, intimate communication skills, Taoist health and longevity practices, and more.